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  • 22,00  inc. Vat

    Choosing this, you’ll get a monthly gift box full of cute and fun RauténArt products!
    The items vary and will give you your moneys worth.

    Once you purchase this, we will send a package to you monthly and send a bill with 14 days time to pay. This product is non-refundable. BUT if a problem of any kind occurs with your monthly gift, we will do our best to make things right!

    This is only available in Finland, for now. And you have the right to cancel your subscription at any time! But once we have send you your monthly gift, we will have also sent the bill and it will need to be paid in full. So best time for cancelling your order is when you get your latest box full of joy.

    Any questions? Just hit me with a message at , kisses!

  • 25,00  inc. Vat

    Put your Neck in it!

  • 35,00  inc. Vat

    Ever wanted a companion to keep you all warm and safe? Can’t go wrong with this one! This particular piece is size A4.

  • 35,00  inc. Vat

    Your Fiery friend in black & White! Size A4.

  • 35,00  inc. Vat

    Only one of these ever made! Ding ding ding – exclusive alert!!

  • 35,00  inc. Vat

    Get him home now! Postage fees only 5€ in Finland and 10€ for everywhere else!

  • 150,00  inc. Vat

    Tämä teos syntyi unettomien öiden aikana, jolloin inspiraatio iski rajummin kuin unen tarve. Anna perhosten viedä sinut (tai ainakin sisustuksesi) uusiin svääreihin!

    Made in Finland 2019.

  • 400,00  inc. Vat

    Mother Nature Grasping hold of a burning planet. Or what do you see?

  • 9,00  inc. Vat

    To ensure maximum Cuteness, picture on both sides! AND the picture is super sharp, sharper than my phones camera for sure.

  • 9,00  inc. Vat

    Rare notebook with rows for convenience.

  • 9,00  inc. Vat

    If you have a head full of ideas to draw, why not draw them under the cover that has head on it reads ‘I Draw!’

  • 9,00  inc. Vat

    Woodling Notebook to keep all your great ideas in one cute place!

  • 28,00  inc. Vat

    All over printed pillow inspired by Firefriend painting. Back of the product is mirrored so you can flip the fluffy thing around as much as you want!

    Size 40 x 40 cm.

  • 2,00  inc. Vat

    Matte A6 size postcard.

  • 2,00  inc. Vat

    Happiness included!

    This A6 size postcard has a full white back.

  • 2,00  inc. Vat

    This A6 size postcard has a full white back, feel free to draw it out!
    Envelope is not included.

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