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  • 15,00  inc. Vat

    This kit includes:

    1 Limited edition (B&W 2019) card + envelope
    1 Woodling postcard
    1 Cuteling postcard
    1 Firefriend postcard
    1 Catchling postcard
    1 Furmas postcard
    1 Möykky postcard
    1 Möykkykoto postcard
    1 Mothling postcard
    1 Dogling postcard
    1 Moucend postcard

    =11 products in total!

  • 68,00  inc. Vat


    -a special treat<3

    -a gift bag, so it will be a nice treat to give someone you love, or a place to keep all your Goodies.

    -Miu’s Verse Shoulder bag.
    (Limited edition, Handmade in Finland, 100% cotton, size about 50x37cm plus handles)

    -Möykky cosmetic bag.
    (Limited edition, Handmade in Finland, outer material 100% cotton, inner polyester, size about 17x20cm)

    -Five postcards: 1 Möykky, 1 Miu’s Verse, 1 Cuteling, 1 Firefriend & 1 Moucend.

    -Black & White collectible card (includes a limited edition tag & white envelope)

    -Mothling sticker

    This special bundle is given 20% off right from the start to finish!
    Only 10 bundles available due to limited edition items.

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