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What’s up 2020!

I wish you’re having a great start to 2020!
Did you make any promises for this year? Or maybe even for the whole decade?

I admire those who can look to the future and see their life planned out for themselves. Those who make plans ten years in advance and hold onto them. Who make things happen today, so their lives will flourish in the future.

If that’s you – I admire you! SO MUCH!
I do wish I was more like you.. But I’m just a ‘Following a feeling’ kind of a gal which sometimes gets me in a lot of trouble, leaves me penniless, and leads to an occasional existential crisis. But at those moments -when I feel that I have accomplished nothing, that I am nothing – are the very moments that always leads to something great.

So if you’re like me, not always feeling so sure about where the future takes you – I want you to remember, that the next time you are feeling down in the dumps, like the sewer drain just exploded all over you, that such an ugly feeling is there, only to guide you towards something new. Something else. It doesn’t need to be a big change.
Whatever it is, if you feel it, believe it, imagine it, the next step is to do it!

Whatever it is that’s been on your mind ‘I would like to, but nah, it wouldn’t work out’. Those are things that are calling out to you! It’s up to you if you’re going to answer, or keep putting it on hold. I guess you could call it like – mental recycling? Maybe? To turn that ugly feeling into a power source and from there again into something great.

What got me in the mood to write today? I got an invitation to hold an exhibition at a Gallery, not one time, but TWO! So expect to see my show in 10/2021 and 04/2022 in Finland. That is such an amazing thing to happen, and I could not be more grateful for all of You who keep believing in me and supporting me in what I do. It means the world to me.

So I just want to say, that even if your daily life or your work schedule looks like a messy teenagers room on a bad day, there is hope. Keep doing You. If it’s bringing you happiness and not hurting anyone, how could it be a bad thing?

Hugs, Jenna

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