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What is the Black & White collectible series?

It’s about celebrating ourselves for pursuing the things that matter to us.

The dedication we put into our everyday life so we can achieve different goals,
big or small.

The first years card (2019) is about the love we have for animals.
My art is an ode to the animal world so the first collectible was not a tricky one to choose.

    2019 Black & White collectible
    (50 hand numbered pieces) is based on my ”Möykkykoto” painting, which was the most meaningful painting of the year for me.
    Animals in distress are a huge heartache for me and many other animal loving souls out there, and this was done to remind us of our big hearts and how we can make a difference.

    Do you love animals? how did you show that love during last year?
    Let this card be a reminder and a celebration for how you made a difference.
    It’s the little things that counts.

    Includes a white envelope & a limited edition tag.

    What did i do?
    I lived another plant based year and saved two stray cats from the streets of shanghai.

    Meet Lucky & Happy.

    They make me feel as that, every day. I hope you have many things in your life that make you feel these emotions every single day, even for a brief moment.


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