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The DOT. Art exhibition

At Gallery Outolintu in Turku, Finland you’ll be able to see my paintings through all October.

This show is dedicated to one of my Art inspirations, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.
In her honor, I have embedded dots in all my works. I’ve used them in ways, that they complement the pieces through different methods and meanings.

I am very excited for this show, that shows all my dotted paintings that I’ve worked very hard on, in my tiny home-studio in Shanghai. But I am also feeling quite disappointed actually, to not be able to attend myself. Of course, I live in China and the exhibition is in Finland, and it’s era of Covid – what can you do… BUT, I’m hoping to see a lot of pictures though! If you end up there, please do me a HUGE favor and tag me on instagram or facebook @rautenart or #rautenart !
I would love to feel like I was there with you!

All of the paintings will be available for purchase, and also there will be a show book available, that tells the stories behind each painting! This book is written in Finnish, but also includes a section in English. (These days I speak more English than Finnish, so it was kinda hard to stick with my original lingo, haha.)

There will also be a selection of my postcard line available, featuring some exciting new-comers!!
Even I haven’t yet had the chance to get my hands on these new cards, as they are made in Europe. I sent in my designs and approved through photos and videos. Weird, huh?
Felt weird to me – for sure – but also I would have felt forever disappointed in myself, if I had no new cards to present for you guys. I can only wait for my next visit to Finland (however far that may be) to actually hold one in my hands. So I’ll be jealous to see you with one!

Also you can find a selection of 100% cotton cushion covers, which are sewn in Finland.
Only a few left of Firefriend (in the photo above – One of his re-incarnations lives in Shanghai, Changning, in a Cafe & Bar called Real Shanghai – such love he gets!) , so be quick to grap one before these Limited Edition items are sold out.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the exhibition or any item, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

I hope you’re enjoying the rest of your September days, before getting ready for October and Halloween feels.
Unfortunately, I won’t be presenting a Halloween card this year, as I’ll be focusing on a new art project, but let’s keep it a secret for now, okay 😉
But I surely will have a super duper cooky Christmassy card available online in early November.

Show takes place:
at Galleria Outolintu, in Brinkkala’s house at Vanha Suurtori 3, 20500 Turku, Finland
through October 2021.

XOXO Jenna

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