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“See a need, fill a need!” -Bigweld (Robots 2005)

As I’ve walked the streets of Shanghai to get to my weekly painting class, I got irritated not having a bag that fitted a standard size painting! Quite inconvenient for an artist I might say. (The size being 30cm x 40cm.)

I had this wonky plastic case that works perfectly fine, sure, but I did not like the feel of it. The plastic handle sweating my palm as I walked the familiar route – day in, day out.

As the opportunity rose for me to design my own shoulder bag, it was a delight I could finally have a bag that fitted MY NEEDS! So this is why I am very excited to share this new Space Cat shoulder bag with you. It’s a real treasure for me! I hope it will bring ease and delight to your days as it does to mine.

I got the idea for the painting itself as I walked back from class on a sunny afternoon, so it was only natural to use the finished paintings design to pursue an idea that came walking the same streets.

I’m sending rays of sunshine and a swarm of hugs your way!

– Jenna

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